South Shore Coachworks fabrication department specialise in the manufacture of new parts and repair and restoration of original parts for historic and classic vehicles. Our staff have gained many years of experience in fabrication within the historic and classic vehicle industry, and that coupled with the information and knowledge held by the rest of the JSW group make it the place to visit for all your fabrication and repair jobs.

Fabrication services include the design and manufacture of complete vehicle chassis, fuel tanks, oil tanks, radiator surrounds, jigs and fixtures and many more parts.

We have the ability to bend, fold, cut, roll and weld most materials.

Hot and cold riveting is a specialty of ours in both aluminium and steel.

Our welding processes include MIG, TIG, gas (both aluminium and steel) and brazing.

The fabrication department mainly work with aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass and copper.

We offer a very successful specialist service welding damaged and corroded aluminium cylinder heads, crankcases and other cast aluminium parts.

If you have a project or any repair work you would like to talk about please contact us.